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Always there.

With the mobile app for iOS and Android, you can access your documents and dossiers anytime and anywhere.

Seamless integration.

Seamlessly integrate your filing systems as Windows network drives with the Fabasoft Cloud Client.

Security first.

OneGov GEVER with data location Switzerland fulfills the highest European standards of data security. 

ISO 9001
ISO 20000-1, ISO 27001, ISO 27018
COC Level3
BPMN Process

Create new processes quickly and easily.

With the graphical BPMN 2.0 editor, you can design your individual processes intuitively and efficiently - without any programming knowledge. You can also define your own rules for starting certain processes. You can easily complete spontaneous tasks and simple workflow steps using ad-hoc processes.

Speed up your administration with AI-supported automation.

Shorten the processing time of dossiers by automatically assigning incoming documents and generating process proposals. Intelligent automation not only relieves employees of repetitive tasks, but also transfers the knowledge of your experts into a set of rules. As a result, many process steps are now fully automated.

Form builder

Expand your possibilities without programming knowledge.

With the extensive customizing options in OneGov GEVER, you can react quickly and independently to new requirements. Thanks to low-code/no-code functionalities, you can easily create new forms and add individual metadata fields using drag and drop. Benefit from intuitive operation and a high degree of reusability of modules.

In der Schweiz entwickelt

Auch die neue Generation von OneGov GEVER trägt das Label „swiss made software". Die Software für digitale Geschäftsverwaltung entspricht damit den Standards für hochwertige, in der Schweiz entwickelte Software, und steht für Qualität, Innovation und Präzision. Mit dem Datenstandort in der Schweiz bleiben verwaltete Daten an einem sicheren Ort. 

logo swiss made software

Rely on continuous innovation - with certainty.

The new generation of OneGov GEVER is part of the Fabasoft PROCECO ecosystem and is based on the certified, secure Fabasoft Cloud. Thanks to the continuous further development of the basic and solution-specific functions in the cloud-native environment, you benefit from new innovations on an ongoing basis.

Get started in the future of digital business management