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Good meetings. Better decisions. Fabasoft Boards.

Read in the interview why successful decisions require digitized meeting processes.


Created on 29. August 2023

Portrait Dr. Pascal Habegger, background: meeting participants in conversation

On the occasion of the launch of Boards on Fabasoft PROCECO in August, Dr. Pascal Habegger, Managing Director of Fabasoft 4teamwork AG, explains why successful decisions require digitized meeting processes and how companies can benefit from using the fast and uncomplicated software. He also provides insight into the Fabasoft PROCECO ecosystem and the benefits of the strategic partnership for product development and sales.

Pascal, what is Boards on Fabasoft PROCECO and how did the product idea come about?

Fabasoft Boards is a software for digital meeting management that supports top management teams in making meeting processes more productive and traceable, and thus in making their decisions more successful. After Fabasoft joined 4teamwork in September 2022, the idea of developing a powerful meeting management software within the successful Fabasoft PROCECO ecosystem quickly emerged. Due to 4teamwork's existing know-how in this area as well as Fabasoft's expertise and state-of-the-art technology, it was obvious to implement Boards on Fabasoft PROCECO as the first solution of Fabasoft 4teamwork in Switzerland.


What are the benefits of the strategic partnership with Fabasoft?

With Boards and the other solutions that will follow in the PROCECO ecosystem, 4teamwork benefits from Fabasoft's many years of experience in the field of "cloud-native development". We also benefit from the professional operation of the software products in the individual Fabasoft cloud locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as the numerous international certifications - especially with regard to data protection and IT security. The high market penetration in the DACH region and Fabasoft's excellent network are also major advantages for Boards in terms of sales and customer acquisition.


Now about the software: For what types of meetings are boards used, and for what types of organizations or sizes are they appropriate?

Currently, the focus is primarily on the "private sector" customer segment. However, Fabasoft Boards is also suitable for use in public administration or similar organizations and other institutions - we are currently working intensively on this. Our licensing model starts at ten users. The software covers the entire meeting process, including existing compliance regulations, in a single solution. This makes it particularly useful for board or committee meetings where strategic decisions are made.

Boards supports the organization and execution of board and committee meetings: What are the benefits for managers before, during and after meetings?

In Boards, the scheduling and sending of invitations is already done electronically. In addition, all relevant documents are in one place - at the meeting. Changes and additional requests can be made on the fly and are transparent to all participants. During the meeting, the minute taker releases the screen, captures the most important aspects of each agenda item live, and documents the resolution. At the end of the meeting, it is easy to create PDF minutes, including defined follow-up tasks, and forward them to the committee members for approval without media disruption. Overall, the digital planning, execution, and follow-up of meetings saves managers a tremendous amount of time and improves the quality of decisions. Adherence to deadlines and other compliance requirements is always ensured and traceable.

Does Boards also replace video conferencing and chat-based collaboration tools?

No. Fabasoft Boards enables executives to participate virtually in meetings and voting - even via mobile devices - but it is not a video conferencing tool per se. Sessions created in the software can be connected to Microsoft Teams, Zoom or other video conferencing systems and conducted remotely or in a hybrid manner.


What are the three main features of the software?

Fabasoft Boards accelerates the entire process of organizing and communicating around meetings. It has automated time management with Microsoft Outlook connectivity and integrated digital request management. In addition, it ensures transparent decision-making and logging of top management decisions. Last but not least, confidential documents are stored in password-protected data rooms and protected from unauthorized access by a clear role and authorization concept. All of this replaces resource-intensive manual activities and error-prone communication via phone or email, while improving quality and sustainability.


Keyword data and information security: Does Boards run in the cloud or on-premises and how "secure" is the software?

Boards runs in the Fabasoft PROCECO ecosystem based on the Fabasoft Cloud. Maximum security is a top priority, from product development to data storage. This is evidenced by the numerous internationally recognized certifications mentioned at the beginning. These include the C5 test certificate from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and certification in accordance with IDW PS 880 for audit-proof archiving. In particular, the EU Cloud Code of Conduct according to Level 3 demonstrates the highest European data protection standard.


What are the requirements for using the boards and how long does the implementation take?

Implementing Fabasoft Boards is quick and easy. All you need is a current web browser. It takes only a few minutes to set up the software, it is intuitive to use, and the integrated standard processes can be adapted to specific customer requirements without any special IT knowledge.


Fabasoft Boards

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