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Municipality of Köniz (BE) - All archive regulations fulfilled thanks to OneGov GEVER

Management Summary

Due to new legal requirements, the municipality of Köniz has procured a new document management system. With OneGov GEVER, the new requirements could be met and implemented within an impressively short time.


In the centre of Switzerland and as a direct neighbour of the city of Bern, the municipality of Köniz has developed successfully in recent years. Due to its extensive area of 51 square kilometres, Köniz is both an urban and a rural municipality. In addition to the main town of Köniz, it comprises other districts, villages, neighbourhoods and hamlets in which a total of around 42,000 people live.


The municipality of Köniz wanted to establish a systematic, lawful and efficient handling of electronic and paper-bound documents throughout the entire life cycle with the project "New file management Köniz". A central component of the project was the procurement of a document management system with integrated business and meeting management.


Thanks to effective and close cooperation, the project team, consisting of employees from 4teamwork and the municipality of Köniz, was able to meet an ambitious schedule and thus reorganise the municipal administration by mid-2018.

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