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Complete all tasks with just one application

The SPV is the solution that makes your meeting organisation and communication extremely efficient. If a motion is created in a dossier, it can be submitted to a committee with the associated documents. In the committee, the motion is added to the agenda for the appropriate meeting. Resolutions and extracts from the minutes are stored directly in the dossier. If necessary, extracts from the minutes can be sent to the responsible staff members and tasks resulting from the decisions can be assigned to the respective persons.

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Simple meeting organisation

Simple, user-friendly organisation and planning of meetings

Web-based and mobile working

Optimised for use on all common mobile devices

Logging in Word

Logging in MS with all familiar functionalities and individual, customer-specific templates

Central filing

Thanks to the central filing system in the subject dossier, everything from the application to the minutes and the minutes extract is documented and filed in a traceable manner.

Individual templates

If required, individual templates for motions, minutes and extracts from minutes can be used per body, council or even commissions and teams

Flexible authorisation model

The flexible, role-based authorisation model from OneGov GEVER is also used in the SNI

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the SPV can also be used independently. We set up a minimal OneGov GEVER installation so that the applications and minutes can be filed. This works in the background and you can continue to use your existing business management solution as usual.

With 4teamwork's SPV, you can submit applications including attachments directly from OneGov GEVER and add them to the agenda. The meeting is also prepared and conducted directly in the system. The minutes are edited in Word with the usual functionalities and your templates.

A solution was developed with and for customers from the following sectors:

  • Administrations (cantons, cities, municipalities)
  • Educational institutes (universities, high schools, middle & lower schools)
  • Organisations of any sector and size (associations, research institutes)