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Location-independent preparation for meetings

With the meeting app, members of authorities, commissions and committees have access to meeting documents anytime and anywhere, which are available in a secure environment. Participants can prepare themselves on the move, add questions and notes in the meeting app and choose to make notes visible only to themselves or to everyone in the committee. If necessary, the documents can be downloaded and edited offline with the usual Office tools.

Person works on the smartphone

Note function

Attaching personal and public notes

Mobile use

Optimised for use on all common mobile devices 

Office compatible

Processing the documents with the usual Office tools

Direct inspection

Direct view of the meeting agenda as a document

Local storage

Meeting documents can be saved locally individually as an agenda item with enclosures or as a whole.

Integrated notifications

Direct sending of notifications from the meeting to all participants

Frequently asked questions

Yes, this is the big advantage of the meeting app. You can create your own notes for each meeting, for each agenda item and for each document.

You can download individual agenda items or the entire meeting from the app. You can either create your notes online directly on the meeting, the agenda item or the document, or you can edit the documents locally at your workplace.

Yes, that is exactly what the app is optimised for. The meeting app is a web application and can therefore be operated independently of time and place on a common end device with internet access.

The solution was developed with and for customers from the following sectors:

  • Administrations (cantons, cities, municipalities)
  • Educational institutes (universities, high schools, middle and lower schools)
  • Organisations of any sector and size (associations, research institutes)