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Document processing directly from GEVER & teamraum

We make almost anything possible on the web. At the same time, we don't want to deprive you of your favorite Office document editing tools. The Office Connector connects our web-based applications to Microsoft Office® applications (and others) for seamless interaction. 

Or take advantage of the ability to work directly and collaboratively on documents such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with others using Office 365 (Microsoft Office 365 subscription required).

Screenshot of the Office Connector in the OneGov GEVER product

For Windows and Mac

More than 18 approved document types

Ongoing update

Various mockups

The Office Connector establishes a connection between our web applications and your computer. It allows you to edit documents from the web applications directly on your computer. It also ensures that you are editing the correct, most current version. The Office Connector works in the background, securely and automatically downloading and uploading the edited documents.

Office Connector for Windows 32 Bit
Version 1.19.1, 32 Bit Installer. .msi File
Office Connector for Windows 64 Bit
Version 1.19.1, 64 Bit Installer. .msi File
Office Connector for OS X
Version 1.19.0 for macOS (from Mojave 10.14)